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Best Food & Drink in Saigon

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Best Food & Drink in Saigon

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Amazing Food, Drink in Saigon

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Best Food & Drink in Saigon

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Full english breakfast with Scotish square sausages, bacon, hash browns, white pudding, beans , toast and hash browns

Best Full English Breakfasts

Best Full English Breakfast in Saigon Saigon is lucky to have an abundance of amazing options for breakfast, From buttermilk pancakes and avocado toast, to

Amazing Craft beer Vietnam

Amazing Craft beer Vietnam Today we are checking out the HEART OF DARKNESS SAIGON​ – in their own words, The Heart of Darkness is all

amazing ribs jakes saigon


AMAZING BBQ SAIGON VIETNAM​ AMAZING BBQ SAIGON VIETNAM If your looking for amazing BBQ in Saigon, then really you don’t have to look a lot

Busy street bar

Best Street Bars in Saigon

Best Street Bars in Saigon The Best Street Bars in Saigon are spread out all over the city. Small alleyways, busy streets, and little hidden

stormy day in thao dien

Great Bars in Thao Dien

TOP BARS IN THAO DIEN – We are travelling around Thao dien, on a mission to find out which are the top bars in this


HOMESTYLE BURGERS & COMFORT FOOD HOMESTYLE BURGERS & COMFORT FOOD With a no frills approach to cooking, Phat cat kitchen brings home those comfort food