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Amazing Bistros in Saigon HCMC

Amazing Bistros in Saigon HCMC

If your looking for some Amazing Bistros in Saigon / HCMC! Today we have you covered. We're visiting 4 spots here in Saigon. Starting off our journey at Home Bistro, located in D3, whilst tasting some of Western dishes with the Vietnamese twist. Urban Fresh, a delivery and catering focused business in D7. A hospitality training centre Mai Sen bistro, which offers vocational training for young trainees from disadvantaged background, and lastly Fiftysix, run and owned by Nic, amazing chef from Australia.

Bistro with a Vietnamese twist in the dishes in Saigon

Located in District 3 – this wonderful bistro opened in march 2021. And has rapidly been a must visit Bistro in HCMC.  With a classic Bistro esque food offering including classics like snails, Lamb shanks and Veal, The real turn on is the Vietnamese flavours hidden throughout the dishes.
WE tried 4 of their dishes, and 2 of their amazing cocktails that they offer, all excellent. And with the well thought out layout, comfortable seating and attenuative staff. I can see Home Bistro Staying on the radar for a long time to come. 

Check out their Facebook page for some great deals

38 Trương Quyền, Quận 3 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Amazing Bistro and catering concept in HCMC

Now whilst 2020 was a rough year in general for the F7B industry. Urban Fresh who were originally based in Hoi an looked at it as a “fresh” opportunity.
They Embraced the need of people looking for amazing Bistro Styled flavours but did not want to leave their homes to get it. 
Since then Restaurants have re opened their doors and they are now offering both in house and catered dishes to us lucky people living and working in HCMC. 

Check them out in District 7 or Call them for delivery

Hem 222/3 lâm văn bền Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 86000


Mai Sen bistro

Great Food & providing Vocational training

Now you could go to Mai Sen Bistro for the food alone. They Have a wonderfully diverse menu with some amazing classic dishes on which give you all the right feels. But the concept of this amazing charitable enterprise is potentially what will keep you coming back. The place is operated by trainees from the An Re Mai Sen Hospitality Training Centre. Every year about 120 youths have the opportunity to learn skills in hospitality industry. Before going off to utilize these skills and take a career in the Hospitality industry in Vietnam.

Amazing Food, Great Staff, and prices for the quality that can’t be beaten! 

56 Nguyen Van Lac, Phuong 19, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 700000


Australian Chefs first self owned Bistro in Saigon

Having spent 5 years cooking for other concepts in Vietnam., Nic from Australia decided he wanted to go back to basics and bring Quality ingredients back to the table in Binh Thanh. 

The Venue whilst small in size more then makes up for it in terms of quality and energy. 
A really open kitchen mixed with small tables allow you to see all the magic that is happening in the Kitchen. 

As you’d expect the menu changes frequently with weekly specials combining with the best in seasonal and local flavours.

Book in advance due to limited seating! 

56 Pham Viet Chanh Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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