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Best Food Tours In Saigon

Bahn Mi Street food. Bread with pork and lemmon grass from a street food tour of Saigon.

Best Food & Drink Tours in Saigon

If you love food, and getting immersed in a city's culture, then a food tour food of Saigon is a great way to tick a few boxes. The City's rich history has brought so many different cultures and tastes together that there is a real melting pot of food to try. Whether your looking for traditional Ban mi's, Amazing Pho or Diving into the exceptional Sea food on offer! Today we're going to list 5 of the best food tours on offer in the city, and list some great places to get some real Saigonese foods. Welcome to This Is Saigon, and our top 6 guide to Food tours in the city!

Busy street on a Saigon Street eats tour at night in Ho chi minh


For over 12 years Saigon Street eats has been wowing visitors to Saigon with an amazing immersion into the food and history of the city. 
All the food tours have been put together by certified foodies Barbara and Vu, who have crafted 6 fantastic tours for every pallet. 
Whether your a fan or walking, motorbikes or even taxis they have you covered and with tours taking place throughout the day, you can fit it in to virtually any schedule! It’s hard to recommend any one of their tours in particular, each has it’s own uniqueness and quality, but if we were pressed the Seafood tour or the Street food 101 would be our go to for a lively experiance. 


The XO Foodie tour

Named as one of the top 10 Food tours in the World, The combination of great authentic locations, knowledgeable Staff makes it a great tour to check out. 
The food tour itself does it’s best to keep off the beaten track taking in some great little local only Spots. Food wise think Great sea food, some local Saigon Delicacies and vegan and veggie options for those non meat eaters. 
The tour guides all have great English and wear the national ao dai. The Tour takes you across 5 different districts by fully insured motorbikes.
Although this Food tour is a little more expensive then others on the list, if you do want to spend the extra cash, it is defiantly worth it!

Roast pork Sunday dinner

Saigon food tour

Local Tour Guide

With 10 – 15 different dishes to try the taste of the night food tour is a great way to see the life of people living in saigon whilst trying the amazing food on offer.

This 4 hour tour takes you to some great our the best hidden gems in the city. jump onto the back of the scooters with their fantastic English speaking food guides and wizz around districts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 10.

Prices start at $63 per person but includes everything including your drinks for the evening. And is well worth the price if your looking to combine amazing street food and local living.

Vesper adventures motorbike tours. On motorbikes on the Saigon river prior to a tour

Vespa Adventures

Saigon After Dark

Not that this tour specifically exclude kids, but with the free flow drinks attached to the price it does have more alcohol themed feel.   

The tour starts at it’s own café, where free flow drinks and a huge array of food is served at. The tour then takes off around the city bringing in the bright lights and fun sights of Saigon. 

With less food and more partying, some great bars including live music this is a great excursion if your looking for a little less culture and more of a party vibe.

Prices start at $97 per person, but you shouldn’t have to pay out for anything else during the night! 

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