Best Street Bars in Saigon

The Best Street Bars in Saigon are spread out all over the city. Small alleyways, busy streets, and little hidden carts.
There is everything from the small one man operations through to street bar empires.

Today, we are taking your to our top 4 places to check out in Saigon.
These places have some amazing cocktails on offer all from under 100k a drink! Made by some of the best bar men in the city.

So put your walking shoes on as we take a journey around Saigon to find the best street bars.

Best Street Bars in Saigon for the student lover

With Two venues in the City Eck Street is probably the most commerical of the operations out there. With over 15 staff on a busy night you don’t have to wait long for your drinks to appear.

This Great little Street bar has a range of 15 cocktails, all coming in at around 40k.  Seating wise, you are in little plastic stool Territory, so practicality over comfort.

A young crowd of local Vietnamese students frequent the place, and if you need food there are plenty of street vendors near by. 

The bar opens at around 9pm each night, and due to it’s road location, expect noise, traffic and laughter. 

No happy yours here, because the prices are so damn good anyway!!

327 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 8, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Best Street Bars in Saigon for award winning drinks


If your looking for a slightly quieter street bar in Saigon, then SBCBS is a great place to end your search. 

With A master barman manning the amazing cocktails on offer. A Slightly less noisy street in which to sit back and relax, Bar CIty Station is a great spot.

The Barman was an award winning bar tender before he came here. And the cocktails we tried attested to the quality of the spirits they use here. 

Prices are a little more then some other venues, but they also use Premium Sprits which is better for the Hangover.  If your hungry Dr Burger makes some damn good finger food to munch on whilst your there.

Seating is still on the low side, but has backs to them, so you can lounge a little more.  Music wise an awesome list of hip hop and chilled vibes.

28ter Mac Dinh Chi, Dakao, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 700000


Best Street Bars in Saigon for the locals favorite!

One of my first and favorite street bars in Saigon, EVL666 has been making great cocktails for 3 years.

A combination of a quite alley, great bar owner, and a young vibe make this a great pre cocktail spot to hang out in. 

Drinks are all 39k, and there are over 20 on the list to choose from.  Music wise, a mix of funk, Hip hop gets played from 8pm every night. 

Great Young crowd of Viets come to this place, happy to chat and as welcoming as always.

We went for the Taurus, a blend of tequila, orange pineapple and triple sec – 39k bring cash as no card faccilities. 

123 Le Loi, Ben Thanh, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Best Street Bars in Saigon for cheap drinks in D2

Now whilst Thao Dien has never been known for the cheapest of drinks. The jolly Street bar has taken that rule, scrunched it up and thrown it away. 

Location wise it’s right on the river with views overlooking the Saigon river and Landmark 81. 

They have a nice selection of cocktails from around 40 – 50k or you can double up and go fully premium for another 30k on top. 

The bar open’s around 6pm each night, and if you get too Jolly, Some great Pizza, Korean and burger joints are just down the road. 

6/1/2 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien, D2 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 70000

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