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Best Sunday brunch in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh

One of the 7 brunch stations at the opera 5 star brunch spot in saigon, lots of cured meats and cheeses and endless wine

Best Sunday brunch in Saigon

IS there anything better in life then hanging out in a beautiful eatery, eating the best Sunday brunch in Saigon? All the meats, amazing treats, deli rooms next to sushi bars serving up the most amazing food money can buy!
Today we're heading to 6 of our favourite Saigon Brunch spots in the city to show you just what kind of bang for buck you can get whilst dining in style in the city!

So hold onto your linen napkin grab your champagne filled crystal glass and join us as we bring you Best Sunday brunch spots in Saigon

One of the 7 brunch stations at the opera 5 star brunch spot in saigon, lots of cured meats and cheeses and endless wine

Best Sunday brunch in Saigon

If your looking for the wow factor then The Brunch at Opera  does not disappoint!  Overlooking some of the oldest buildings in HCM, the surroundings and décor of the Hyat brings you back to a gentler time.  

IF your a fan of Seafood Choose from imported lobster, whole fish sashimi, snow crabs and 3 types of oysters! Or if your looking for something a little more European, pasta, roasted meats washed down with free flow of iced cold Veuve Clicquot champagne!

Three different prices for different budgets are on offer!

▪️La Domenica Chic VND 2,490,000 per person – including Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut champagne, house wines, cocktails, soft drinks, coffee and tea
▪️Il Pranzo Italiano VND 1,790,000 per person – including Bisol Belstar Prosecco DOC Brut, house wines, cocktails, soft drinks, coffee and tea
▪️Sapori a Tavola VND 1,490,000 per person – including soft drinks, coffee and tea

Deli Cheese and meats in the deli room at the social club a 5 star hotel in the heart of Saigon

Best Sunday brunch in Saigon

5 star service coupled with a huge array of roasted meats, seafood, more seafood and some of the best cocktails in town make The hotel des artes one of my personal favourites in town! 

A slightly younger crowd seem to hang our here on Sunday, maybe due to to the amazing roof top bar which stays open into the night. 

If for nothing else come here to check out there chilled deli room, with amazing cheeses, cured meats and wash it down with their signature cocktails.

Free flow brunch will run you just under VND 2 million per guest. including bottomless champagne and drinks!

If Brunch isn’t your thing, come here any night of the week for a drink, as it boasts one of the best views in the city, is somewhat intimate, and has one of the best happy hours in Saigon (50% off all drinks from 5:30PM to 8PM)

Very oppulant brunch spot in saigon, expensive tables, cahndellers, lots of high quality brunch food items on the table.

Market 39

Best Sunday brunch in Saigon

Market 39 takes the best of the  East and West and combines it into a delicious varied buffet dining experience.  With over Seven open kitchen stations  showcasing everything from Sushi, Roasted meats, a playful take on traditional Vietnamese street food and a dessert section that adds kgs. by just looking at it. 

The restaurant is located in the intercontinental, so you’ll get all the trappings of a 5 star hotel! But with the added bonus of pricing which does not quite break the bank.

Pricing starts at 900k per person but does not include any alcoho;! 

rich Asian women with lobster buffet, crystal chamagne glass and lots of food siting in le meridian hotel

Le Meridian

Best Sunday brunch in Saigon

Next up is Latest Recipe at Le Meridien Saigon ( A Marriott Hotel)   White walls, tables and chairs could give this place a bit of a utopian feel, but the colour coming off the food is incredible. 
Large quantity’s of Lobster, sushi and other seafood delights are mixed with European classics ranging from Beef wellington to Fois Gras.  It’s river side location and proximity to The Japanese district make it a good starting place for a full day of divulgence.

If the budget of 1.7 million is to much, check them out for some other great deals on business buffets and an excellent wine and cheese night! 

Come here for a middle aged crowd, yellow label champagne, live music and fantastic service!

mad house Brunch Deli platter, avocado on toast, champagne, really nice white wine and some cocktails

MAd house

Best Sunday brunch in Saigon

Now in terms of 5 star hotels, Mad house may not have the facilities to match some of the others on the list. But what they lack in concierge service they more then make up for in Style, Food, service and ambiance.

It has an atmosphere only the Danes could come up with, beautiful gardens hidden seating, and tables full of young Saigoneers eating till they pop. 

For food, expect the classics, and although strictly not buffet in style the combinations of well crafted classics like – eggs benedict, ADVO toast and cheese platters – make it my go to in Saigon.

Go for brunch, Relax for the day, smash into there amazing wine list and watch the world flow past.

And If you fancy going a bit rudimental they happen to do one of the best burgers in town AMAZING BURGERS

Beautiful brunch spot in saigon, with ana amazing array of brunch food on the menu

Caravelle - the 19

Best Sunday brunch in Saigon

Now Asian’s in general go mad for fish, and the 19 has taken that love and turned it into something special. 

The only word iI can use for the seafood on offer here is breath-taking, they have everything. From Lobster to Snails, to Smoked salmon and Fish unknown to me.. It really is a veritable seafood feast on offer. 

Now don’t be worried if your still after that classic western style brunch. From the raclette to the huge assortments of roasted meats you are very well covered! 

Style wise, again it’s a 5 star hotel, so pretty faultless,  but i will say the seating is bang on and i was comfortably stuck for 3 hours 🙂

An easy contender for our list of the Posh Sunday brunch spots in Saigon

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