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Best Sunday Roast in Saigon

Best Sunday Roast in Saigon

Finding the best Sunday roast in Saigon is a job we take very seriously. For British people The Traditional Sunday lunch brings back memories of family , friends, beer and good times. Now we all know that Mum’s Good old Sunday Lunch cannot be beaten, and being away from home brings cravings for roasted meat, triple cooked roast potatoes, fluffy golden Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings.

Today we’re Listing 5 of our Favorite eating places around the city. Whether you are looking for a traditional pub or a modern restaurant to get that Traditional Sunday Diner into your belly. So which ever kind of roast dinner your looking for here is our list to the best Sunday roast in Saigon!

roast beef, gravy, beans, carrots on a white plate

Best Sunday Roast in Saigon for Craft beer lovers

Since there collaboration with Union Jacks, Te Te tap house is now known for not just there amazing Beer but also there incredible British Grub on the menu.  Their Sunday roast made it’s first appearance in 2021 and has become a instant classic in Saigon.   The roast beef is of particular note with pink bits in the right places, and a gravy which takes you back home and roasted veg with just the right amount of Crisp.

The Sunday roast dinner starts at 260K and if your looking to wash that down with a few beers they have an huge range of Craft beer at your disposal. Our favourite  has to be the Roast beef served with a summer Ale.

An easy contender for the Best Sunday Roast in Saigon!

You can check out a little more about them  here  TE TE TAPHOUSE

3 Different Roast dinners chicken, pork and beef

Best Sunday lunch in Saigon for the traditional roast

The tavern was one probably one of the first English pubs in the south side of the city aka District 7.  And with the flags on the celling, a big British grub menu and regular events from quiz’s through to live music. It’s a place that many expats feel it’s pub home from home. 

They’ve been doing amazing Sunday roast lunches from Day-1. Regularly changing it up from slow roasted pork, Beef roast lamb and chicken.  Our go to has to be the Roast Lamb, Pink succulent and with all the trimmings a person could ask for -including a huge bowel of gravy!

Sunday Sports play all day including Rugby football and UFC for those early rises! 

In District 7 this is the place to find the Best Sunday Roast in Saigon!

Check them out here

Roast pork Sunday dinner

D2 Sports bar

Best Sunday Roast in Saigon for people living in Thao Dien

Located in the heart of Thao dien is one of the best Sports bars in the northern side of the city.  With a modern interior A huge selection of beers and a diverse pub grub menu. 

They have a great Sunday roast, and it is deffienlty a great go to if you like your beer cold, your sports constant without breaking the bank. 

Our go to roast was the Roast Pork with Crackling, a generous amount of trimmings. Perfectly cooked and whizzed to your table in no time at all. 

For Thao dien the price is a winner, just 200k for all your favourites. Check out on their Facebook page to see what delicious Sunday lunch they are serving that day!

Roast Pork served on Sunday with carrots and beer

Bay Café & Bistro

Best Sunday Roast in Saigon For Proper Foodies

If like your looking for a Sunday roast lunch with a little bit of a Foodies flair then max From bay bistro has the roast your after having previously worked at N21. (which many thought was had the best roast in town) this new roast many think surpasses that in terms of flavours and taste!

From their USDA roast TopBlade of beef served Med Rare. to the Slow Roast iberico Pork belly, if your looking for flavours then this is the place to go for a amazing Roast sunday lunch.

My advice if you go to check them out is to take the 3 course meal, their ever changing starters and deserts are not just fantastically priced but the flavours and tastes are on point!  
      1 course 210k –  2 course 260k – 3 course 300k 

Sunday Vegan Roast dinner

Filthy Vegan

Best Sunday Roast in saigon For Vegans

Now Roast dinners and Veganism does not always sound like a match made in heaven however Filthy Vegan Cafe in District 1 has a bit of a knack for making Vegan food down right amazing.

Obviously the veg to meat ratio is very one sided but the flavours that come together in this dish  are out of this world. 
The roasts comes with a lentil bake, roast potatoes, mash potatoes, peas, broccoli, carrots, and vegan gravy.

If your not feeling like a roast, they also have a gigantic array of British classics like vegan fish and chips. British Breakfast and some deserts which are almost worth dying for. 

Roast dinner is around 200 000k right now and comes with a free brownie to really get your roll on! 

Check them out here Filthy Vegan

Sunday roast dinner, Prawns fish, meat, veg

Equitorial Hotel

Besr Sunday roast in saigon if your hungry

Now whilst most some of us watch the calories coming in, for others a  Sunday roast is a day to indulge. The Equatorial Hotel offers an all you can eat Sunday Roast like none other! 

All the meats, From roast lamb roast beef and pork, seafood, trimmings galore and if your feeling thirsty a all you can drink deal on beer, softs and more. 

throughout the year they also have great deals for mothers and fathers days, offering indulgent carvery’s for all tastes and ages. 

Prices start around the 500k mark but with fun activities for the kids, 3 hours in which to enjoy and a 5 star setting it makes it a good place to check out for those with an appetite and families! 

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