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Street Cocktails Are a very Vietnamese things to do, a mixture of the noise and life of Vietnam coupled with a good drink.
Eck Street Cocktail bars, has been going for a few Years now, A good mix of locations and well priced Drinks. And some handy locations in and around the busier areas of Saigon make it a great hang out.  Expect small chairs,  Noisy street side locations, and a mix up of cultures and ages in one place.

On the menu they have a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, all starting at around the 49k mark. They still use decent spirits despite the price, and despite the look of chaos going on drinks get served promptly.

for food there are tons of food carts around, we counted 8 around us. They were serving your typical ban mi, and noodle fare at a very reasonable price.

The bars don’t open up until around 7pm or 8pm. Before they open there shutters you’ll not know they exist, but as the hour gets closer, you’ll see the carts.
They have two locations in the city, with more planned. We checked out the one at 327 Hai Ba Trung, W8, in District 3.

So if your looking for a fun night out and your on a budget. Or if you just want to grab an evening experiencing the new normal in Vietnamese culture.  Look no further then these wonderful yellow carts and staff, Coming to a street corner near you.

Favourite Dish:  not a food place, but there was a great selection of Vietnamese street food right in the middle of the seating

Reviews: No real reviews on the English sites, but a lot of mentioning on Vietnamese cocktail groups

Kid Friendly: Maybe if you go really early, later it gets loud with lots of traffic, personally I think not.

Large Groups: More chairs then they know what to do with

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327 Hai Bà Trưng, P.8 , Q.3 Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh