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IF you’re looking for Great Burgers in Saigon HCM, then look no further. BCB Is one of the newest Burger Joints in town, and what a great find.
With a brilliant beer garden concept in District 7. Up to 14 different burgers on the menu, these guys are going places with the concept.
Our go-to burger had to be the Aussie burger. Served in a delicious bun, with pineapple, beetroot, aoli and burger sauce, it is a standout burger in HCM.
If you’re more into Beer or cocktails, they have a ever-growing list of drinks to choose from.
Check them out in District 7 or District 2 right now. But there are plans afoot to open more venues across Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam.
Burgers start at 99k, beers from 30k, and all the cocktails are 120k. So you not only get amazing drinks and food, but incredible value too!
Right now they are planning on launching a few music nights. Folk music from across the world on a Sunday night. Featuring local and international artists.
Then A Friday night open night sessions and a more lively band on Saturday to kick off the party.
A bigger cocktail list will be coming in the next few weeks. And keep am eye out for new burgers, as they tend to launch one or two each week.
For Great Burgers in Saigon, HCM – Got to be BCB Burgers. To order go to or to check out the events and offers go to

You can also check out there other venue
Chicken burger from BCB, with onions, sauce and a great bun Bacon and egg burger from bcb burgers in district 7 Saigon Rodeo bacon burger from bcb saigon, with fries on one of their benches in district 7, HCM


106 Trần Trọng Cung, Tân Thuận Đông, Quận 7, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh