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Meddi Skin Clinic, under the expert leadership of Medical Advisor and Director, Dr. Quynh Trang, a dermatologist with a specialization in Internal Cosmetic Medicine from Thailand, boasts over 6 years of experience in treatment and aesthetic internal medicine. Specializing in ACNE treatment, MELASMA management, SCAR treatment, skin REJUVENATION, and other PIGMENTATION-related issues, Dr. Trang has successfully treated over 10,000 cases. Meddi Skin aspires to always be a part of your journey in nurturing and caring for your skin, always taking customer trust and treatment effectiveness as its main driving force.

1. Personalized Treatment Plans:

At Meddi Skin Clinic, we understand that every skin is unique. That’s why our treatment plans are meticulously crafted by our expert dermatologists, tailored to meet the specific needs and characteristics of your skin.

Our holistic approach encompasses everything from analyzing your daily skincare routine to customizing the most effective treatment strategies for you.

2. Adherence to International Medical Standards:

Our treatment procedures are governed by stringent international medical standards, ensuring both high efficacy and utmost safety for our clients. The recovery protocols at Meddi Skin Clinic are a perfect synergy of advanced internal medicine, cutting-edge aesthetic techniques, and European quality standards.

3. Commitment to Long-term Skin Health and Beauty:

We believe in nurturing skin to its utmost health and beauty. Our dedicated team of skin care experts and dermatologists provide continuous support throughout your treatment journey.

We are always on hand to address your concerns 24/7 through our comprehensive online support system, ensuring your complete satisfaction with your skin’s transformation.

Meddi is committed to accompanying you on your journey to nurture and care for your skin.




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