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The Gin House Pub would like to spend that journey with you in discovering your new flavor at The Gin House by our mixologist cocktails. Make it your own lists and tell your friend how good you are in making it with us!

Welcome to The Gin House!

Not stay at one place, we always find new ways to update ourselves for customers and also for our House. We are proud to say within 4 years existence in Saigon. We are the best choicfor every guest who comes to us for a good vibe. As you have known, the trend of bars has become professionalized, styles of bars like cocktail bar, speakeasy, whisky club…  They have become good choice for many occasions to relax after work, chatting and hangout together.
Furthermore, we are catching up with the trend that the higher specialization especially in Gin category. The word G&T became the familiar slogan with Gin lover. Not stop at that, we  select one of the best waitresses and bartenders in town. Good foods, good drinks and  good people is the most important thing which keeps our guests keep coming back to us.
If you are a Gin Lovers, here you go, you are at the right place! If not, we introduce you our key ingredients: Rosemary, thyme, stevia, pepper min combined with the most selected importing Gin from all over the world.
The Gin House Pub from the crowded world outside that allows you to find cozy and quiet atmosphere, while the chill & deep house music will make you find peace in every sip of Gin.
(Decoration: Vintage, Industrial style)
If you love classic bar and have a good taste of evaluating drinks, you can challenge us at The Gin House, we’re welcome you all!
Enjoy The gin House now.



    28/3a Tôn Thất Tùng Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 08