Not only do we have some amazing pizza in Saigon. We also have all the different styles that the world has ever produced. From fat crust to thin crust, Italian style to the New Yorker. Saigon is awash with amazing Pizza in Every District.

Today We're going to head out across the city to try some of our favorite Pizza joints.

Whatever your flavor, whatever your style we've got an amazing pizza in Saigon that is going to blow your mind.


Amazing pizza in Saigon for New York style Pizza

Jimmy’s pizza opened in late 2020 as has bought the big and bold New York style of pizza to Saigon.

With a Secret family recipe tomato base, imported cheese and meats which have been cured, smoked and lovingly prepared on site, this is about as authentic a New York slice as will find.

Jimmy’s is primarily Delivery, but they do have a couple of small tables outside the shop in District 2 if your want to see where the pizza magic happens.


Amazing pizza at Jimmy's new york pizza

Pizza Reale

Amazing pizza in Saigon for the Classic Italian lover

For two years Manual Reale has been smashing out some of the finest Italian gourmet pizzas in the city.

Loaded with Italian imported meats, cooked in a traditional Italian oven and you have a pizza which not only looks good but takes you home to Italy. 

Their menu does not stop there though, if your looking for authentic Italian classics again the menu will not disappoint. 

Check out them out below.

Pizza Reale
29 nguyễn đăng giai, Phường Thảo Điền , Quận 2 TPHCM Ho Chi Minh City

pizza and chef
pizza and meat display


Amazing pizza in Saigon for Families and friends

Run and owned by the wonderful Carlo Anzon, Pendolasco has seemingly been in Saigon since time begun and is what we would call A true classic Italian Restaurant in every sense of the world. 

From the beautiful vine canopy that covers the terracotta tiled courtyard to the more modern style of it’s air conditioned restaurant, Pendolasco ticks most boxes, but it’s their menu which takes them to the next level. 

With an Extensive Classic Italian menu, and pizza’s ranging from Neapolitan style all the way to true Roma style Pizza Pala, Pendolasco makes it an easy choice to go visit!

30 Tống Hữu Định, Thao Dien, District 2 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 70

pendolasco italy pizza Ho Chi Minh
Italy pizza at pendolasco

Capones - Deep DIsh

Amazing pizza in Saigon for Chicago deep dish pizza

Capones Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is a different beast to all other Worthy pizzas on our list. 
The Base is more of filo base, with a biscuit style bottom, and the layers of cheese, meats and sauces piled into this beast would give most people a moderate heart attack. 

Location wise their straight on the riverside in Thao dien and have a range of American classic dishes like wings, phili style sandwiches and deserts make it a great venue when your looking for American style comfort food.

Big promotions most week, check them out at the address below.

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