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Best Arabic Food in Saigon

The best Arabic & Turkish food in Saigon, Vietnam

When you think the Best Arabic Food in Saigon you might be stuck on a kebab or a falafel! But with a big expat community coming from all over the world, we have a great range of options from all over the middle east. Turkish Breads to Palestine kebabs sit next to amazing goat dishes from Syria and rice dishes from Turkey.

Over two of the next episodes, we are going around the city with the wonderful Rascha from Kebabs and wraps to bring you our favorite places in the cit. So grab your Shisha's and come with us as we find the best Arabic food in Saigon!


Best Arabic Food in Saigon - Palestinian treats

Now if your looking for that true taste of Palestine, then you don’t have to look any further then kebabs and wraps in Thao Dien. Run and owned by the wonderful Rasha, this little shop in the center of a beautiful secluded court yard is putting out some amazing Arabic food. 

If you like Pitta bread, Salads, chicken shawarma and lamb dishes this is a great place to pop into for some great food. 

They also do an incredible catering service for offices and homes around the city. 

Prices from $4 – $10 for big dishes


Marrakech Riad

Best Arabic Food in Saigon - Beautiful Moroccan food

Maybe the best Moroccan restaurant in Hcmc with ,starters like pastilla ,tajines with lamb. couscous with Merguez and so much more. 

Run by the amazing Chef Noureddine who has been living in Saigon for over 10 years.

Now the restaurant in the middle of district 10 is way off the beaten track, but the food is worth the taxi ride alone. Great hospitality,  moodily lit private dinning rooms and personal service makes this my new go to for Moroccan food.


Best Arabic Food in Saigon - Aussie / Turkish Kebabs

When you mix a Turkish Australian heritage your going to get amazing things, and Saigon Kebab house does not disappoint,

Saigon Kebab house brings you the best Kebabs in Saigon with an upstairs bar and Shisha Lounge.

Of note, you’ll see the HSP aka Halal Snack Pack, this combines a bed of crispy French fries is a layer of cheese under a mixed kebab covered to delicious sources, quite possibly the best hangover cure in the city

Check them out in Thao Dien, District 2


Best Arabic Food in Saigon - The original Turkish restaurant

Authentic Turkish Cuisine with 30 years experienced chef Ismet Ondek with more than 100 food items


Modern Turkish cuisine was conceived at the tables of the Ottoman Sultans, whose delicate tastes fashioned a unique fusion of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian culinary themes which in turn became the most sophisticated fare in the world. 


Pasha has taken those Traditions and set up an amazing atmospheric restaurant in the heart of d1.

River View Restaurant

Best Arabic Food in Saigon - Egyptian Cuisine in thao dien

With views of the river, Hookah pipes and traditional Egyptian / Arabic food, riverside has a lot to offer.


The food  has a wonderful homely feel, with classic dishes like Koshary, Lamb biryani and shawarma Chicken siting aside kebabs and snack food. 

Prices start around 69k for a filling meal, with large groups and family’s welcome at any time.

8/19 Đường 49B, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Thành phố 
PHONE: 0708588205


Al Sham Saigon

Best Arabic Food in Saigon - Incredible Syrian hospitality

Whilst humble by appearance Al Sham may not have been on your list of places to check out, but my god what a amazing find this place is, from the food through to the hospitality if you have not experienced Syrian dining then look no further then Al sham.

The menu is a wonderful mix of Arabic food, but my biggest love was finding out about how he has built his own farm where he produces the majority of the food you see on the menu, from organic veg all the way through to his halal meat. 


098 459 71 60
8/19 Đường 49B, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Thành phố 


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