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Cheap Street food in Saigon

Cheap Street food in Saigon

Cheap street food in Saigon is definitely not hard to find. There are shops and street carts on just about every corner in the city. Today we are heading to District 7 in the south of the city. To show some of This is Saigon's Favorite places to eat if your on a budget!

So if your a fan of Lamb Pho to Taiwanese chicken, burgers Lebanese food and an amazing noodle bar! Join us and hold onto your purse strings as we head out to find the best cheap eats in District 7!

Cheap Street food in Saigon​ for noodle lovers

Now whilst we have a lot of noodle places to choose from in Saigon, what we sometimes miss is a variety of flavours. 

Thom Noodle bar takes care of that by having tastes of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore in every bowel. 

Food starts at 30K for a simple dish and stays under 100k for nearly everything on the menu. 

With two shops to choose from, Your never far away for a wonderful and non expensive  taste of Asia right here in the heart of Saigon

Cheap Street food in Saigon​ for Taiwanese lovers

An unexpected find in the southern area of District 7 is The toast house. A Taiwanese Sandwich shop which brings the world of Taiwanese flavoured chicken and amazing sandwiches together. 

This place is a franchise, but the D7 location is the only one currently in Vietnam.

A great selection of burgers, Sandwiches and more on the menu, in a cute and clean air conditioned store.

15 Phố Tiểu Nam, Tân Phú, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Back's Burger

Cheap Street food in Saigon​ for the burger lover

now although Backs burger claims itself to be an American style burger venue, it’s position in d7 and owners do have a bit of Korean magic in the menu. 

Wonderful pulled pork and slow cooked meats fill their burgers, with a price point which for the location is amazing. 

Our go to has to be the pulled pork burger with a side of there amazing onion rings, With the whole meal setting you back less then $6

Terrace Al Sham

Cheap Street food in Saigon​, Lebanese style cooking

Now whilst this kebab and Lebanese food shop is at the lower end of District 7. It’s certainly a great place to go and check out if your near the area, 

Traditional Lebanese dishes sit next to classics like Kofte kebabs and a range of special items.

Venue wise, it’s probably not date night material, but it’s good honest food with a wonderful mix of flavours and styles to choose from.

We went for a kebab and a marinated fish and potato dish. And both were fantastic and for under 100k a great deak

307 Nguyễn Lương Bằng,Phuong Tân Phú,Quan 7 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 900000


Pho Lac Vie

Cheap Street food in Saigon​ for Amazing Lamb pho

With a great story of how Lamb pho became a thing, a wonderful location in the southern parts of D7 and a what might be the cleanest kitchen in Saigon Pho Lac vie has to be checked out. 

It’s owner started the business in The USA,  having emigrated there many moons ago. And introducing Lamb pho to the university town. 

The business grew and eventually he brought back the new flavours back to Vietnam.

Opens early each day, A great experience for young and old

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